hi. i'm snuf. i don't like talking about myself, or having anyone listen. i'd really prefer if you didn't know anything about me, but here we are.

i'm a trans girl who's been avoiding telling anyone that for months. i've always been an anxious person (that's sort of what DPD is), but i developed debilitating social anxiety when i realized i wanted to be a girl and have sort of been silent ever since.

making this page is very hard for me. i wouldn't be making it at all if crow (my headmate) hadn't already set up most of it for me. like i said; i don't like being heard. and i don't feel like i'm allowed to have a pretty, girly webpage. but i'm trying it.

i do like being a girl. i'm just scared. so... i don't know, please be nice to me.

nice sites i like

omfg | a button with a rainbow border and text reading omfg

my headmates:
crowpunk | a button in black and hot pink with a crow to the right